Friday, September 3, 2021

Zoom (ZM) is not just video meeting

Few days ago, I looked into other activities that zoom was involved in and remade that graph using a network model. This one is higher resolution. When people think of Zoom, all they first think is the nodes in the blue shaded circle, however the company is clearly putting all of its resources into innovating and making most of the opportunities they have.

Zoom is working to grow its Total addressable market (TAM)

Zoom Rooms and work spaces is a really cool idea and if you get a chance you should look it up on their website. It essentially is a conference room designed for videoconferencing. The coolest feature in my opinion was hardware that is able to sense the ambient air quality and environment. This has a great implication on health of the employees especially with regards COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. It monitors number of attendees, humidity, heat, and other advanced metrics and currently 'Neat' is in collaboration with Zoom offering this.

Zoom Webinars is another interesting one, where its a opportunity grab on Microsoft PowerPoint hegemony on the presentation market. The focus in webinars is on speaker and content rather that content alone.

Finally, Zoom Events - this could be a solid win for zoom. This almost has a platform like quality in and of itself, since one could plan an event or a conference, build hubs in an event, manage tickets, registration. Advantage is all the data that is collected is amenable to use to make the next event better. This is not a beta product, as I suspect, this is what Zoom is doing with Zoomtopia!! if they can do it, so can you!

Zoom Phone is neat and there is plenty of information out there on this. 

This might be another opportunity to tie in the question whether the market has disconnected the stock price with the fundamentals of the company. The figure below are my thoughts on the matter.


Anyways this was a brief report on Zoom (ZM), I am still working on my largest holding and most exciting stock Palantir (PLTR)

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